How to make sure you stay up to date with what Lot 5 are up to

You may have read that Facebook is updating its algorithm to make it much less likely that you’ll see updates from pages you follow. That means that even if you’ve liked Lot 5 on Facebook, the odds are you won’t see what we’re up to. If you’d like to stay up to date with what we’re doing and see the work we’re producing then there are a few ways to fix this.

1. Follow us on Instagram

Since Instagram is highly visual, and since it actually shows you images from people you follow, it’s a great way to see our work. We post fairly regularly, so check out our account.

2. Sign up to our email newsletter

We hardly ever email (only a few times a year) but it’s definitely the best way to hear about new shows we’re doing. Go to to subscribe.

3. Set up Facebook so you do see our posts

To do this, visit our Facebook page.

a) If you’re using a computer, then hover your mouse over the ‘Following’ button and select ‘See first’. Make sure notifications are switched on too:

b) If you’re using a phone then click the ‘Following’ button, and then make sure ‘Get notifications’ is checked and you’ve chosen ‘See first’: