One of the most striking artworks at Lot 5’s show in May was ‘Flight’ by Helen Masacz. We caught up with Ross and Audrey, its new owners, to ask them a few questions about why they bought this wonderful painting.

Lot 5: Could you tell us how you ended up at the Lot 5 exhibition?

Audrey and Ross: Many years ago I (Ross) did a few weeks at the London Atelier of Representational Art and made friends with some of the other students on the full-time course. They are now all graduates and amazing artists and so we try to come and see them when they are part of an exhibition.  

Lot 5: What prompted you to purchase ‘Flight’?

A & R: We got married last year and since we both love art we decided, as a wedding gift, to ask our friends and family if they would like to contribute to a small fund to buy some art to put up in the flat we are renovating. We’ve been looking for a centre piece for our house for almost a year now. When we visited the Lot 5 exhibition there were lots of amazing pieces but we found “Flight” just captivating from the moment we entered. There is something so calm yet so energetic about the image: it spoke to us of the pursuit of dreams which felt perfect for a wedding gift.

'Flight' by Helen Masacz
‘Flight’ by Helen Masacz

Lot 5: Have you bought much art in the past?

A & R: Audrey has bought several posters in the past,  but only of famous works. We’ve bought one original painting, a beautiful plum still-life by Niggy Dowler. This is the first time we’ve bought anything from an exhibition.

Lot 5: Was buying the painting an easy decision?

A & R: Wow, it was a huge decision! We loved the picture but couldn’t rationalise the idea of the purchase. Although we had been looking and had the money we thought we might be being crazy and frivolous. Other than our flat, it’s the single biggest purchase we have made. Also we had no idea how to go about buying the painting. We decided to talk to Helen, the artist, to understand the piece and inspiration better, maybe to jolt us to our senses or to confirm our first feeling. Luckily Helen was lovely and really helped us confirm our decision to buy it. We are still so happy with that decision! The painting is in pride of place in our sitting room. Our friends and family have really admired the piece for its uniqueness.

Lot 5: Finally, could you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

A & R: Audrey is from Sydney and has lived in London for the last ten years. She works as an audiologist and is passionate about design. Ross is a structural engineer, with a love of art, design and architecture. We spend our spare time playing ultimate frisbee, travelling and renovating our new flat.

Lot 5: Thank you very much for your time!
You can find out more about Helen and see more of her work on the Lot 5 Collective web site.

July 13, 2017

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