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Harriet Spratt (b.1987, London, UK) initially pursued her artistic training with an Art Foundation year at Bristol UWE. Following this, she undertook a joint degree of Fine Art and History of Art at Newcastle University, specialising in painting and figurative drawing. She returned to London to study at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA). After graduating in 2015, Spratt joined a studio space in Stockwell, where she works on portrait commissions and paintings, along side teaching at LARA. Spratt has exhibited at various shows in London, including with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters where she won the Winsor & Newton Young Artist prize.

Portraiture, so far, governs Harriet’s work. She uses paint to represent faces and to manipulate the mood in which they are set. Harriet has always been impressed by the illusion of depth and believable space that comes from successful representational painting. She is still very much investigating the physicality of the paint and what she would like to express, but has already had great success in the art world.