Private View on November 8th. Please email for an invitation. 

Royal Opera Arcade Gallery
10:30 - 6pm Monday through Saturday, 10:30 - 2pm on closing day

For their latest exhibition, ‘Face Value’, the Lot 5 Collective has assembled an award-winning group of artists whose work demonstrates technical ability but also has the power to inspire and make you think.
“Drawn from a selection of contemporary artists from around the world, ‘Face Value’ is organised around one theme: the many faces of contemporary portraiture. With artists working in a range of styles, from photo realism to abstraction, the exhibition aims to bridge the gap between skill and concept.” 
The London Magazine


Lizet Dingemans
SJ Fuerst
Lucas Garcia
Luca Indraccolo
Helen Masacz
Harriet Spratt  

Arvid Antonsen
Stephen Bauman
Simon Davis
Sainer Etam
Felicia Forte
Ione Hunter Gordon
Philip Harris
Milo Hartnoll

Cornelia Hernes
Emma Hopkins
Lewis Hazelwood-Horner
Stella Ishack
Hans van der Leeuw
Shana Levenson
Emanuela De Musis
Anastasia Pollard

Jamie Routley
Daniel Sequeira
Travis Seymour
Nicolas Uribe
Sofia Welch
Sharn Whitehead


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